Why you should bother reading this blog…

Hey and welcome to the Happy Box Blog.

If you’re here right now (reading this) then I don’t want to waste your time.

So I’m going to tell you exactly why I’m here and what you can expect, so you can make an educated decision on whether or not the information I provide is relevant and useful to you.

I’ve been helping businesses execute their marketing (building websites, creating videos, doing SEO, etc.) for many years.

And my goal has always been to deliver an incredible product and a kickass experience to my customers.

But here’s the biggest problem I was having when doing projects:

The businesses I was working with were spending way too much money on marketing and way too little time on understanding WHY they were marketing.

I know this may sound like it was a good problem for me – but it wasn’t.


Because businesses weren’t getting the returns they were expecting from their investments and I was the one getting blamed. Which is, of course, not excellent.

Today my goal is different.

Today I’m here to CHALLENGE WHY businesses want to spend on marketing.

And “just because” isn’t good enough.

From now on, all marketing decisions need to be backed by research, hard numbers and a solid strategy. Otherwise it’s just guesswork and that’s not my style…

This also means no more sexy videos made for the sake of being sexy. Or great looking websites that are made without analysing business goals, customer personas, and key performance indicators.

I’m done with that.

Yes, it’s a little more work initially. But trust me, it’s the only way to get the most out of every marketing dollar you put in.

We are living in a great age of marketing where user experience and interactions can be captured and analysed in real-time.

We need to stop thinking about marketing as a bunch of singular activities independent of each other, and start see it as a dynamic and ever evolving set of connected activities which require careful thought, preparation, testing and analysis to understand.

Capturing these interactions through data and analytics will allow you to continuously test and optimize what you’re doing and help you create a winning formula.

Marketing is a science.

Data gives you the tools; and analysis puts everything into context – painting the picture.

The Happy Box Blog is my way of giving businesses the information, tools, and insights that will inspire them to look at their business differently and help them to go from guesswork to science when making marketing decisions.

Hope you find it useful.

Sina Fak


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